The firm represents several cemeteries, including the largest non-denominational cemetery in the state of New York. The basic law governing the operation of cemeteries in New York State is set forth in Article 15 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law. The intent of the law is to ensure that cemeteries remain financially self-sustaining in perpetuity and that they be operated on a nonprofit basis in the public interest. The firm’s lawyers are fully conversant in the applicable laws, rules and regulations governing cemeteries. The firm also advises and represents its cemetery clients regarding in litigation, disinterment proceedings, and land use matters.

The firm has also represented numerous individuals in disinterment proceedings, oftentimes helping to reunite loved ones that have been buried in different locations.  For example, the firm obtained a court order permitting a client to relocate his father's remains to the newly-purchased family plot in which the client's mother had been buried. The firm also represents clients who have had a family member buried in the incorrect grave, or a stranger buried in a grave reserved for a loved one. 

Finally, the firm's attorneys are well-versed in the NY Public Health Law, whose provisions govern disputes between relatives over the disposition of remains.  Whether that dispute centers on burial versus cremation, the location of the cemetery, or the religious service to performed, the firm's attorneys are committed to helping families resolve these difficult situations and lay their loved ones to rest.





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