The firm’s attorneys have years of experience in a broad range of cases and legal issues. Our clients include individuals, municipalities, school districts, cemeteries, and companies in a wide range of industries.

 We advocate for our clients in state and federal courts.  In addition, our attorneys regularly appear before state and federal administrative agencies, including the New York State Public Employment Relations Board, Human Rights Division, Department of Labor, and Department of Education; and the United States Surface Transportation Board, National Labor Relations Board and Equal Opportunity Employment Commission.   In addition, we have successfully handled mediation and arbitration in private and public contexts. 

 In addition to helping clients solve their problems when litigation is unavoidable, the firm also devotes significant time to counseling clients regarding their day-to day business/legal concerns. We strongly believe that a little time and effort at the outset can help our clients minimize, or sometimes even avoid, the cost and expense associated with litigation and other dispute resolution forums, and it is our objective to provide our clients with that type of preventative service.


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