Mark Cuthbertson Speaks To Suffolk County Village Officials About New Sexual Harassment Law

On November 7, 2018, Mark Cuthbertson spoke at the Suffolk County Village Officials Association about New York State's newly passed sexual harassment law.  Among the topics discussed was how to create a sexual harassment policy that complies with the law's mandates, the available methods for providing now-mandatory sexual harassment training to employees, and the changes to the ability of local governments to indemnify officials found liable for sexual harassment.  Finally, Cuthbertson addressed how mandatory sexual harassment training provided an opportunity to give employees comprehensive training on workplace conduct, such as preventing other forms of discrimination, religious accommodations, and accommodations for employees with disabilities.

A copy of the powerpoint presentation can be found here.  In addition, the Firm has prepared a model sexual harassment policy and model complaint form, based on the model provided by the State.  However, Villages should consult their attorney or outside counsel before adopting any changes to their policies.

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