Matthew DeLuca Gives CLE Presentation on Zoom for Lawyers

On May 15, 2020, Matthew DeLuca presented a CLE at the Suffolk County Bar Association titled "Zoom For Lawyers: How Video Conferencing Can Improve Your Practice."  The CLE, which was appropriately presented over Zoom, addressed issues such as:

• How Zoom can be used to improve the productivity both during and after this pandemic
• An overview of Zoom's features, from free videoconferencing tools to paid features like vanity URLs, company branding, and administrative tools to supervise employees
• A discussion of security and privacy issues like Zoombombing, data sharing, and encryption practices, as well what steps Zoom has taken to address these concerns.
• How court reporting companies like Enright have integrated Zoom into their services

A copy of the powerpoint from the CLE can be downloaded here. In addition, the written materials can be found here.

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